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Our Team


Teacher Ella

Teacher Ella, Founder of Bouncing Bunnies.

Teaching is my passion, I love the kids and I love how much I learn from them on a daily basis. They definitely keep me grounded!

I started gymnastics at the age of 3 and retired at the age of 14, gymnastics has always played a big role in all the sports I did right through High School and adulthood.


I dabbled in a bit of Rhythmic Gymnastics but never competed. My Romanian coaches were both brilliant and slave-drivers, we used to train between 4-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Back then I thought they were being “like so unfair” but today I realise that I owe them a big thank you, because of them I can apply the skills they taught me.


I represented South Africa in Portugal in 1994 for the World Tumbling Games (the first ever international competition that South Africa was allowed to take part in after Apartheid) and finished off my gymnastics career on Junior Olympic level.


I studied at the University of Pretoria where I completed a degree in Psychology and I also have diplomas in Reflexology, Massage and Sports Massage. My background in Psychology has really been beneficial to what I aim to do and have done at Bouncing Bunnies. My aim is to offer a program for kids that is so much more than just the teaching of physical skills; I want them to be able to learn life skills that they can use and apply throughout their lives! After my studies I taught gymnastics for three years in the UK, and it is really only during those three years that I realised that this is something I want to do for a living. I learnt so much about praising kids (we used to call it Specific Positive Feedback), crowd-control, what keeps kids entertained, being animated and just being a kid yourself. Back in South Africa in 2011 and after the birth of my daughter, I resumed teaching at my old gym in Pretoria.


Having the opportunity to open Bouncing Bunnies has been like a dream come true! 



Sindisiwe Hlana was born and raised in Johannesburg. She completed her school years at John Orr Technical High. Sindi took part in netball and loved playing soccer during her school years.

Sindi used her first year out of school to study, where she achieved a Diploma in Make-up and Prosthetics.

Sindi expressed that she has always enjoyed working with children, and felt it to be a privilege to be able to assist them as they grow and develop. She was excited to start her new adventure at Bouncing Bunnies in 2018 where she could actively work with children of different ages.

During her spare time, Sindi appreciates reading books from her growing collection, trying out new restaurants while enjoying some good food, and watching soccer.

Sindi described her love for working with children as “Children are the ingredient to keeping the inner-child alive”. 





Fungi Tore was born in Zimbabwe where she completed her schooling at Wadzanai high school and then decided to broaden her horizons and move to South Africa.

She continued her education at Cambridge college where she pursued her passion for working with children by studying towards early childhood development. 

Fungi has always appreciated working with children. She is hard working and shows a willingness to assist where help is needed. Fungi cherishes working with children from all different backgrounds. Working with children has taught her that we are all different and that each child is capable of reaching their potential. 

Fungi worked at Yeesh for eight years, where she delighted in becoming a kid again! Dressing up as themed characters, supervising and interacting with children, making arts and crafts, is what brought sunshine to Fungi’s workday. 

She expanded her work experience and spent time working at the Glitter factory where she enjoyed meeting new people and painting with the children.  

An opportunity to work at Bouncing Bunnies was offered, and Fungi agreed to take on the new challenge. 

Fungi relishes in listening to music and going to church during her down time. 

Moss was born and raised in Johannesburg. He completed his school years at Cosmo City Secondary one. Moss thrived in playing sport in school, and achieved being best defender in Soccer during his primary and secondary years. 

Moss expressed that he has a passion for working in the kitchen and preparing food. His skills and love for the industry lead him to achieving the role of Head Cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken. He enjoyed his experience there and appreciates what he learnt. 

Moss enjoys listening to music (Deephouse, Amapiano, Hip-Hop), watching movies (action, comedy, romantic-comedy), playing soccer, and watching a variety of sports including F1 which fulfils his love for sports cars.

Moss aspires to enrich his education in Sports management, which will assist him in achieving his goals. 



Aimee Willis-Dixon is married with two boys. From an early age Aimee has had a passion for working with children. Whilst still in school she proved her desire to make an impact in children’s lives by volunteering at children’s homes and encouraging them to overcome the challenges that they faced in life by believing that they are worth more than they were given to believe or knew and were more loved than they will ever know.

Aimee initially started studying towards her B.Ed after finishing school. she then decided to wait before continuing with her degree in Psychology. Her reason for this being that in order to be a phenomenal teacher one needed to understand the child in totality which would enable her to develop a holistic view of learners and their individual requirements.

She has since completed her degree in Psychology in Human Sciences and Social Services, Post graduate in Foundation phase Education, and furthered her professional development by achieving certification in; Anger and Aggression in childhood and adolescence, Baby Gym- Play Learn Grow, and Understanding Sensory Processing and Intergration in children.She strives to build and focus on a child’s strengths and not on their weaknesses.

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