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Bouncing Bunnies

Developing into stronger tiny humans


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Bouncing Bunnies is an activities centre that concentrates on stimulating age appropriate, physical development.


We make use of balls, bubbles, hoops, bean bags, parachutes, gymnastics equipment and soft play toys to encourage children to move!


Our lesson plans and play components have been designed with specific goals in mind to improve balance, control, co-ordination, strength and flexibility; which in turn helps to improve a child’s body awareness (which can be beneficial to other physical activities, sports and everyday life).


In order to maximize the benefits of each class and maintain attention, we make use of weekly themes, music and class set-up. Music evokes movement and the melody and rhythm of music acts as exercise for the brain that helps develop memory and good listening skills.


Our classes are held in a group setting in order to improve confidence and self-esteem and we provide opportunities for kids to develop social skills and make friends.

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Fun classes

From ages 10 months - 8 years

We have a variety of  classes available at Bouncing Bunnies.


The classes are each tailored to the appropriate age of children to help enhance and develop their skills.


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